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TREASURE TIME Design firm established since 2005

Firm has attained international MMC website professional design experience, our main business is website development and consultant, we will understand your needs and customize the required for client website according to your specific needs, Our firm has won the Asian Award for custom design, full mobile responsive web functionality and user-friendly content management system services. As a professional website consulting service company, TREASURE TIME web design consultants uses high-end and comprehensive information technology to serve customers. In order to capture more business opportunities in the fast-growing network world and lead the industry everywhere, our team is complete and professional, the works are exquisite, which will definitely meet your needs.

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Provide WeChat public account, WeChat public account design, expand WeChat of 1.4 billion market opportunities

What is WeChat Public Account

WeChat public account is similar to Facebook, IG fan page, but more powerful than that. The WeChat public account has more functions than ordinary WeChat personal accounts: such as message management, group messaging User management, data analysis, voting system, membership system, and even join third-party development applications, micro-mall, distribution functions and group functions, We can provide the above-mentioned professional functions including subscription number on mobile website, mini programs are also sold separately and WeChat public account develops unique features for the company's need, making the WeChat public account infinite possibilities.

How do Hong Kong, Macau companies and Asia companies apply for a WeChat account?

We provide WeChat public account agency service, which can apply for WeChat public account agency on behalf of Hong Kong and Macau enterprises. The procedure is simple and fast. At the same time, we also provide WeChat public account management, WeChat public account promotion, WeChat third-party application development and other services. Welcome to enquires!

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